water hole

hi my name is Jerry. i was walking  down to the river.  as soon as it went bang the water went frozen and Jerry walked  on the frozen water and he fell in he frozen water and he was stuck in the water and he could,t  get out of the frozen water . he swam to a hole what he found  and he climbed out of the hole and jumped to the grass and ran home and played his  PS4  and  played  fortnite . it was raining  and when it stopped raining  he went out side and went back to the river and went fishing for tea.

2 Replies to “water hole”

  1. Mrs Pratt

    Goodness me, this Jerry is one heck of a trooper! Running home after falling in the frozen water instead of getting checked out in the hospital! But the idea of fresh fish for tea is definitely appealing!

  2. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia)

    Hello, your story reminds me of a time I fell into a small channel of water on my way to school. Fortunately, it wasn’t freezing but I was so embarrassed having to walk home in my wet school clothes. This Jerry took it much better than me. He sounds like he is a person that would not panic but just work out a solution to his problem. Well done.


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